Glenn Beck Promotes Freedom of Palestine – Cites Israel’s Human Rights Abuse – video


Jun-03-2011 20:23 |

Beck promotes new ‘Free Palestine’ video; discusses “End of Israel”.

Beckestine‘ by Tim King

(SALEM, Ore.) – Glenn Beck is promoting the new song, Freedom for Palestine before it has even been released. The song by a gathering of artists, in Beck’s words, “Calls for the West Bank security barrier to be toppled, it calls for human rights and justice for all.” The talk show host added that the song is, “truly amazing”.

Beck says the song is composed by a church choir. It calls to light Israel’s Genocidal regard for the native Palestinian population which has been increasingly displaced in a Diaspora that began in 1948, during what Palestinians describe as ‘The Nakba’ which means catastrophe.

Beck says it illustrates Israel’s “Human rights abuse”. The new song illustrates how due to Israeli Zionist policy, Palestinians are, in Beck’s words, “living in crushing poverty in refugee camps and living under Israeli occupation.” He forgot to reference the fact that Israel is bogged down with apartheid laws that resemble policies that South Africa maintained in recent years.

According to Beck, most of today’s artists are tossing their support behind Palestine, “I thought to myself, we are behind the curve here on the Israel front I honestly thought we were ahead of the curve but we are not.”

Surprisingly, Beck also offered these words, “This is about the end of Israel and they are packaging it in a way that everybody can embrace.” Pretty harsh Glenn.

But this political firebrand said there is good news, “Some major people that don’t have anything in common for me and in fact hate my political views, are standing up.” He said one of his staff members made this statement about Beck’s new friends in this Israeli/Palestine struggle: “Glenn, they have bashed you for over two years.” To this Beck replied, “It’s not about me or anything else, its about being a shield.

Is that right out of the Crusades or what!

(All Beck quotes are verbatim, beyond that I plead the fifth)

Here is the song, learn more about it by visiting:


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