Israeli forces storm Al-Bustan protest tent – in pictures

Friday, 3 June, 2011 | 21:51 | « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC)

 Undercover Israeli forces infiltrated the Al-Bustan protest tent after Friday prayers today, attempting to arrest children present. The officers were prevented from doing so when confronted by the congregation.

Local youth Mohammed Aqil was injured by a sound bomb thrown by an officer, triggering an escalation to violence. Sound bombs were also fired inside nearby homes as confrontations spread to Baten al-Hawa district. Israeli forces attempted to raid a Palestinian home but were stopped by residents.

A 9-year old child was assaulted and arrested outside the City of David settlement in Wadi Hilweh district. An Israeli military jeep attempted to run over a group of paramedics and Al-Bustan Popular Committee member Fakhri Abu Diab at the checkpoint outside the settlement.

Abu Diab told Silwanic that “I was terrified – I thought it was my last minute alive as the jeep came towards us. I can’t believe I’m alive.”


Signs of disappointment after the failure of the abduction of children

Mustareb” ( undercover police) hides his gun

 undercover police  holds a stone in his hand to attract palestinian children to

 participate in throwing stones then arresting them   

Mohammed Aqil, who suffered from shrapnel bomb sound in his  head

Youths facing undercover forces

Car was pelted with stones

Attempt to break into a Palestinian home in Baten elhawa


 Israeli soldier pointing his weapon towards photographers

Isreali soldier is  trying to prevent  “Maya” , an  activist against the settlements of

  documenting  Israeli violations in Silwan

Israeli forces protect  the settlers, militia men   

Mustareb (undercover police) is hiding his weapon


In pictures

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