Murra: There are American and European attempts to revoke right of return

03/06/2011 – 09:44 PM | PIC

BEIRUT, (PIC) Ra’fat Murra, a Beirut-based Hamas official, criticised outside interference to try and stop activities on 5th of June to mark the 44th anniversary of the Naksa and said such interference clearly indicates the success of the 15th May Nakba marches which called for the implementation of right of return.

“The US stands and international warnings and threats which take declared and undeclared forms to stop the ‘Return March’ on 5th June to the borders of occupied Palestine is a clear proof of the success of the 15th May ‘Return March’ and that the march achieved its aims. It is also a proof of the achievement made by the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon through their sacrifice, steadfastness and insistence, bringing international attention to their just demands to return and their insistence on it while the occupation rejects it, “ Murra said in a press statement.

“The size of external pressures at the political and security levels to stop the 5th June march is evidence that the US, Europe and Israel have the same position on the right of return and want to stop any attempt to open this legitimate, humanitarian and just file. This intervention exposes the reality of countries that claim to support people’s right to freedom of expression and self-determination and shows the big lie about such countries acceptance of peaceful expression which the Palestinian refugees did when they marched towards their occupied homeland,”  Murra pointed out.

Murra belittled Zionist military threats to the march and said that the people were determined to march despite those threats and the international pressures being exerted to abort the march.


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