After deadly day: Syria blocks Palestinian protesters near Israeli border


Published June 6, 2011 | Al Bawaba

Syria - Israel border
Syria – Israel border

Syrian police blocked Palestinian protesters from approaching the Israeli border on Monday, a day after more than 20 demonstrators reportedly were killed by Israeli fire while trying to infiltrate into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Syrian police set up two checkpoints near the border area, including one kilometer away. About 20 protesters, some waving Syrian flags, started walking down a hill leading to the frontier from Syria, when two police officers blocked them from advancing by extending their arms.

According to the AP, the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak suggested that the Syrian regime had instigated Sunday’s border unrest to deflect attention from its violent crackdown on opposition forces at home. The Israeli Foreign Ministry declared Israel plans to file a complaint to the U.N. later Monday “concerning the Syrian regime’s cynical manipulation of its own citizens in order to generate violent incidents on the border.”


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