Israeli Military Arrests a Palestinian Child as she was visiting her Father in a Detention Facility

PNN – Palestine News Network | 06.06.11 – 11:21

Nablus-PNN- Israeli troops arrested Samah Mousalan, 13, from the northern part of Nablus as she was visiting her father who has been held by Israelis in the Negev detention facility. The Palestinian Ministry of Political Prisoner Affairs issued a press release Monday, saying that Mousalan was visiting her father when a group of soldiers stormed the visiting room and arrested her. According the report, the Israeli soldiers said that she tried to smuggle something to her father, and this was the reason for her arrest.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Political Prisoner Affairs, after the Israelis investigated, the child did not have anything in her possession and decried the move as provocative and used to create psychological pressure on her on her father.

Mousalan’s father was sentenced to 13 years and in jail and is serving them in the Negev Detention Facility.

According to Israeli police reports, the child was represented to the military in court in Be’er Sheva and her detention was extended for 24 hours after the Israeli military interrogated her, the Palestinian Ministry reported.

Issa Karakea, the Palestinian Minister of Political Prisoner Affairs said that this is not the first time the Israeli military has arrested family members of political detainees and that this is this is used by the Israelis to psychologically torture those detainees. He added that these actions violated basic rights laws.

There are at least 7, 000 Palestinians political detainees are held in the detention facilities in Israel and the West bank. According to Palestinian reports there 330 children are currently serving jail time in those detention facilities.


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