Abu sisi: Israeli detectives threaten to kill my family

2011-06-07 | News  Alresalah News

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)–Engineer ,Dirar Mousa Abu Sisi, who was kidnapped in Ukraine by Israeli Mossad , stated that he was severely tortured by Israeli jailers , adding that Israeli detectives threatened him they will kill his wife and family.

Abu sisi stated he was kidnapped while traveling in train in Ukraine by people dressed in civilian clothes and some of them were in military uniform. They took him out the train heading to the capital and then he was informed that he is detained by Israeli Mossad.

He said he was transferred to Israel and interrogated at Petach Tikva jail   along 20 days. He affirmed that he was  severely tortured by  deprivation sleep ,physical beating and threats to kill his family.

Dirar Sisi , who has six children and a Ukrainian wife , explained that what happened to him is Israeli  piracy and violation of all international laws. He added that charges against him are invalid and illegal, asserting that he is suffering from several diseases and his health is deteriorating.

He stated that He is Still isolated in solitary confinement in prison of  Eichel, calling all human rights to intervene and release him .


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