Arab League General Secretariat: Jerusalem an Occupied City, Its Annexation by Israel a Unilateral Act Rejected on Arab & International Levels


Jun 07, 2011| – SANA, Syria



CAIRO, (SANA) – The General Secretariat of the Arab League affirmed on Tuesday that Jerusalem is an occupied city, and that Israel annexation of the city is a unilateral act that is rejected on Arab and international levels.

The Arab League’s Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and Occupied Arab Lands Affairs, Ambassador Mohammad Sbeih, said that Israel’s illegal policies cannot give it the right to annex Jerusalem, adding that the Arab league gives this issue special attention in its activities in international circles, shedding light on Israel’s violations and demanding the liberation of the city and restoring it to its people.

The statement came in response to the violation of Al-Aqsa Mosque by extremist Jewish groups on Tuesday on the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem’s occupation.

Sbeih pointed out to Israel’s actions against Al-Aqsa Mosque, which include desecrations, digging and restrictions on freedom of worship, as well as Israel’s actions against the people of Jerusalem which include demolishing houses and seizing identity cards, stressing that these actions are very grave and violate international law and the Geneva Convention.

The Ambassador said that changing street and area names and falsifying Islamic and Arab heritage cannot give Israel the right to Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian sites, calling for international organizations and defenders of freedom to intervene.

Sbeih went on to note that the further aggressive procedures against Jerusalem and Palestine discussed by the Israeli governments and some rabbis will push the area towards further instability, violence and escalation, adding that the Arab League warns against the repercussions of this aggression.

On a relevant note, the Arab League affirmed during a meeting on Tuesday that the issue of Palestinian and Arab captives and detainees in Israeli prisons is among its chief interests.

The meeting, which involved all sectors related to the issue of captives of detainees, discussed means to activate Arab League resolutions for consulting the International Court of Justice about the legal status of Arab and Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons.

Ambassador Sbeih stressed that the state of these captives is more critical than ever, and that Israeli violations against them are continuing in order to break their will and deprive them of their rights.

He pointed out that another meeting of relevant groups will be held with the participation of experts from Arab countries and senior Palestinian authority officials to continue coordination and studying the possibility of applying to multiple international groups to provide legal and judicial protection to the captives.

H. Sabbagh


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