Dark days for Silwan’s youth – in pictures

Tuesday, 7 June, 2011 | 15:18 | « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC)

Israel’s continuous arrest campaign of Palestinian youth and children of Silwan has intensified in recent weeks, with no place or activity seemingly safe for minors from Israeli authorities. Arrests have occured as children return from school, drink coffee on the balcony of their family home or buy vegetables in the street. Many minor arrests in recent days have taken place during quiet periods in Silwan, entirely unprovoked.
The campaign highlights Israeli authorities’ willingness to defy basic standards of conduct and treatment, such as targeting and criminalisation of minors. Humiliation and physical assault are reportedly commonplace in interrogation and detention, even for minors.
7 children numbered amongst 8 arrested by Israeli forces in Silwan today. One child arrested, Yahya al-Rishaq, is not even 6 years of age. Despite al-Rishaq’s attempts to persuade soldiers not to take his young son, Israeli forces insisted on his arrest.
Three minors were abducted by undercover units, one aged 17 and the others 15. Bilal Osama Natshe (15), Maher Naim (17) and Ahmed Awad al-Bakri (15) were taken whilst outside their homes in Alabasya district, bereft of any involvement in clashes or confrontation.
Another minor, 15-year old Saleh Shweiki was summoned to interrogation when police called his father at their Bir Ayyub home. Shweiki was detained on arrival on charges of participation in neighborhood clashes.
Shaher Zaidani, meanwhile, was arrested while on his way to work from his home in Al-Bustan district. Zaidani was seized while waiting for the bus, imprisoned and reportedly beaten in custody by Israeli forces.
Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Khater, 14, and another unidentified child were abducted by undercover forces while sitting outside their homes in Athury neighborhood. Khater is due to appear before the Magistrates Court tomorrow morning on fabricated charges.
The targeting of minors has left Silwan families frightened for their children and ever-more cycnical of Israeli forces’ largely unfounded allegations against young members of their community.

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