Gaza calls on Egypt to restore transit agreement

[ 07/06/2011 – 10:21 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian government in Gaza has called on Egypt to reinstate measures to ease movement on the Rafah border crossing.

The call comes as the crossing has been closed for the third consecutive day.

“We call on [our] brothers in the Egyptian leadership, headed by the Supreme Council and the Egyptian government and the general intelligence service and the military and foreign intelligence, and all good parties to restore easing travel restrictions [at the Rafah border crossing],” said Hassan Abu Hashish, the media bureau director in the Gaza government, during a press conference on Monday.

Abu Hashish highlighted that the Gaza Strip is “an integral part of Palestine identified by its historical and geographical borders”. He assured the “firm position” that the government in Gaza does not wish to exempt Israel of its responsibilities towards the Strip as an occupying force through Gaza’s interaction with Egypt.

“We in the Palestinian government are highly confident in all levels of the Egyptian leadership, and we are waiting for a wise decision from Egypt to restore the crossing’s function according to the eased travel restrictions declared by them,” Abu Hashish said.

The official also made it a focus that more than ten thousand Gazans are registered to travel with the interior ministry as the summer and pilgrimage to Makkah approach.

Egypt has reneged on a transit agreement with the Gaza Strip curbing business in the Gaza Strip for the last few days.


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