Israel raids offices of Nablus PLC members

[ 07/06/2011 – 02:17 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli forces raided Tuesday morning the offices of Palestinian Legislative Council members from the Hamas bloc in Nablus, confiscating computers and other property.

PLC member Mona Mansour told the PIC that Israeli patrols surrounded the building where the offices are situated in the Rafadia district of the West Bank city before carrying out a search raid.

She said the forces confiscated computers and folders detailing the work of the PLC members and citizen requests.

The raid is seen as an Israeli attempt to disrupt a deal to unify the Palestinian government signed by Hamas and Fatah which rule split parts of the Palestinian territories.

The day the truce was signed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared publicly that Abbas must choose between peace with Hamas and peace with Israel.

The PLC plays an important role in forming the unified government as agreed in the deal and it works to represent and serve the Palestinians.

The raid also happened at a time when the Israeli occupation has re-arrested MP Ahmed al-Hajj Ali, a Hamas member who represents Nablus in the PLC, and senior Hamas member Mustafa al-Shanar, a lecturer at the Al-Najah National University, after raiding their homes.

Last week, Israeli occupation forces arrested PLC members from both the Hamas and Fatah blocs in Nablus after raids on their homes in Tulkarem and Nablus.

Hamas PLC members in Nablus have issued a statement condemning the string of raids and arrests and assuring that the attacks would not curb their service to the Palestinians, who elected them to office in 2006.

They warned it was a repeat of what happened in 2006 when Israel arrested 64 Hamas leaders including PLC members after resistance factions captured Israeli occupation soldier Gilad Shalit.

The legislators also condemned world silence over the issue, as international law provides immunity to parliamentary officials.


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