Solemn Funeral Processions for Martyrs of Liberation and Return (Names of Martyrs June 5 Naksa Day Massacre in Golan)

Jun 07, 2011| SANA

QUNEITRA, (SANA) –Thousands of Syrian and Palestinian citizens paid the last honors to the 23 martyrs killed on Sunday by the Israeli fires at the borders of the occupied Syrian Golan in Ein al-Tina and the liberated city of Quneitra.

The martyrs were escorted in solemn processions from Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Quneitra.

The mourners stressed commitment to their legitimate rights recognized in the international laws, regarding the liberation of the land, right to self-determination and the right to establishing the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the right to return.


Mother of martyr Shadi Hussein said that they were preparing for the marriage of her son at al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, expressing pride over her son’s martyrdom in the occupied Golan.

Ali Zeidan, the brother of martyr Majdi Zeidan, said that Majdi and the other martyrs opened the gate for next generations who want to return and liberate the occupied Arab territories.

For his part, Director of Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Quneitra Dr. Ali Kanaan indicated that the large number of martyrs was due to the explosive bullets used by the Israeli occupation forces targeting sensitive areas as the injuries were mainly in the chest and the front side of the body.


He added that 53 surgeries were performed under general anesthesia while 42 procedures were conducted in the emergency room, in addition to 77 suffocation cases, indicating that 9 persons are in critical condition.

The martyrs ar:

Mahmoud Awad al-Sawan
Ahmad Mahmoud al-Said
Majdi Zeidan
Alaa Hussein al-Wahish
Muhammad Deeb Issa
Ahmad Yaser al-Rashdan
Said Hussein Ahmad
Ahmad Mahmoud al-Hajah
Abdel Rahman al-Jareedeh
Ramzi Said
Fayez Ahmad Abbas
Fadi Majed Nahar
Jihad Ahmad Awad
Enas Shreitah
Thaer Adel Hussein
Wasim Dawat
Shadi Hussein
Ibrahim Issa
Izzat Muswadeh
Mohammad al-Ashmawi
Mahmoud al-Arja
Ayman al-Hassan
Samir al-Zoubi
Ali Amshawi

Palestinians in Syria and families of Khan al-Sheih in Damascus Countryside, escorted bodies of martyrs Jihad Ahmad Awad, Mohammad Mahmoud Said, Ala Hussein al-Wahish, Fadi Majid Nahar, Fayez Abbas and Mahmoud Sawan to their final resting place.


The bodies of martyrs Enas Abdullah Shreitih, Fayez Ahmad Abbas, Wisam Khaled Sa’adea, Ali Mohammad Ashmawi, Ahmad Yaser Rashdan, Ayman Ahmad Hassan, Mahmoud Moahhamd al-Arja, Ahmad Assa’ad Al-Fout and Wasim Salim Dwah arrived in al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus to be escorted to their final resting place.

Meanwhile, thousands of al-Hussainia town in Damascus Countryside also escorted the body of the martyr Ramzi Mohammad Said al-Sawalmeh, a university student, who was martyred yesterday by the bullets of the Israeli occupation forces on the hills of the occupied Syrian Golan.

In al-Wafiden Camp, Damascus Countryside, thousands of citizens escorted the body of the martyr Abdul-Rahman Hassan al-Jreidi who was killed by the gunfire of the Israeli occupation forces on the hills of the occupied Syrian Golan.

R. Raslan/ H. Said/Fadi/Mazen


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