Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Crops Near Hebron

PNN – Palestine News Network | 08.06.11 – 16:46


Hebron – PNN Exclusive – As part of the daily attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian villages, on Wednesday afternoon settlers set fire to crops owned by Palestinian farmers from the village of Bani Naim, near Hebron City in the southern West Bank. ImageAccording to local sources, the settlers came from Kiryat Arba settlements, and according to villagers the settlers set fire to wheat crops and destroyed them entirely.

In an interview with PNN, Governer of Hebron, Kamal Hamid, condemned the settlers’ attack, saying that it proves the systematic abuse policy that settlers use against the Palestinian residents of the West Bank.

The governer added that if the Israeli government did not support the settlers, they would not be able to carry out these attacks.

According to sources, Palestinian and Israeli fire engines rushed to the scene and tried to stop the fire that was spreading over a vast area of Palestinian land, but they noted that the Israeli fire fighters were only focusing on the areas closest to the settlement.

The settlers living in and around Hebron City are famous for being the most radical of the half a million settlers living in West Bank settlements.



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