The Gaza Strip is Running Out of Medicine

PNN – Palestine News Network – | 08.06.11 – 11:24

Gaza – PNN – The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza announced that the coastal enclave is heading for an unprecedented medical crisis.


Gaza Hospital

Dr. Bassam Naoim, spokesperson of the ministry of health, said during a meeting with foreign and Arab donor countries on Tuesday, that there are 178 kinds of medicine that have been used up in the Gaza strip while another 190 kinds of other medical supplies are down to 50 percent in storage.

He added that medical surgeries in all the Gaza-based hospitals have been cut to the minimum due to these “catastrophic conditions the health sector is enduring in the Gaza strip.”

The official warned that in the coming few days all medical surgeries would be cancelled due to the crisis which will risk the long list of patients awaiting life-saving medical surgeries.

Naoim asked all international medical associations and human rights groups to take responsibility to ease the crisis and end it once and for all.

Israel imposed a tight siege on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007, rendering the 1.5-million Palestinians living there lacking in food and medical and fuel supplies.

Because Israel does not allow certain medical equipment and supplies to enter the Gaza Strip because they are registered as dangerous security risks, Gaza patients are left to seek medical attention in Egypt or Israeli hospitals after acquiring permits that are rarely granted to the thousands of patients in the coastal enclave.


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