The Revolution’s Flotilla – by Yasir M. Tineh

Politics is noted as being the understanding of the modern fundamentals of established governments, the order and the way policies are created. The delegations of power and the fathering ideology of democracy is the principle of political involvement.

Who can forget the anticipation and hopefulness that we had last year as the first Freedom Flotilla approached the coast of Gaza, only to have our hope and anticipation turned into anxiety and sorrow. News of a brutal raid emerged as the night grew darker and with dusk nine souls had been taken, martyrs that fell in the fight against injustice. Such imagery and horror unmasked the true face of the Israel’s most “moral” army, It showed the true neglect that Israel showed towards the human lives of Palestine sympathizers. These were, after all, unarmed civilians engaging is a very humane act of protesting against a siege declared illegal by the worlds highest standards on international law.

Israel not only attacked the Palestinian cause this time but it attacked every person on the six ships participating in the Freedom Flotilla. 663 people from 37 nations in total. What followed was a fiasco. Both Turkey and Israel demanded legal action. A fact finding mission by the United Nations was turned down by Israel. the whole thing seemed to quite down by the media & later on Israel conducted it’s own investigation & found it’s actions legal. Leading to a huge rift in relations between Turkey & Israel & the beginning of a broad new understanding of the reality of the Zionist entity.

I started writing this on the 5th of June, the Day that marks the Naksa. This is the Palestinian commemoration of the 1967 war with Israel and the great losses incurred by the region, particularly by the Palestinians from whom more land was stolen. The second Freedom Flotilla is set to sail at the end of June and again I find myself fueled with anticipation and hopefulness this time even greater than the time before. This time fifteen ships are setting sail carrying over 1500 activists from as many as 40+ countries. The name is also being changed to “Stay Human” as a way of honoring the late Vittorio Arrigoni for his solidarity with Palestine.

It has been an eventful year, the Arab spring is blooming across the Middle East and North Africa. This is truly the power of the people, the essence of the philosophy of a real revolution. The things we have accomplished and the path we are on is the reason I find myself now more free than ever. This is the reason why there is hope, why there is hope in the Flotilla. And this is why this year we are stronger than last year and why a Free Palestine is becoming less of a dream each day.

Political philosophy is adapted around the understanding that politics is not just rules, laws and systems by which the people grant power to governing bodies. It is much more than that: it is your own ability to involve the true philosophy your people posses, it is about portraying their actual stance & solitude or remorse & disapproval with regards to certain issue’s, Political Philosophy is about understanding representation.

The Flotilla will sail victorious because it carries with it the message of truth and its predecessor lead the unveiling of the heinous mask of Zionism , This time it sails knowing that it gains strength because ignorance doesn’t loom as it did, the blind lady justice is beginning to see the truth.

“The road to Palestine is neither far or near but only at a distance of a revolution.” Naji Al-Ali

Source & More at Yasir M. Tineh’s Weblog

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