I am Palestine – by Nadine

Poem by Nadine May 19, 2011

I am Palestine. The stone homes my people built are now replaced with rubble. The olive trees that once stood are now replaced with despair.

I am Palestine. While imperialists live in leisure on my land, my people live in refugee camps barely making it.

I am Palestine. My boys are left to defend themselves with nothing but stones when the occupying force terrorizes them.

I am Palestine. Even though the occupying force attempts to instill fear and hate in my people with white phosphorus, my people’s spirit remains alive and their morale remains high.

I am Palestine. My people who used to live in a land of coexistence, now anticipate bombings and torture because they’re ethnically “different.”

I am Palestine. 1.5 million of my people are embargoed; when they defend themselves, they’re considered terrorists. The occupier expects them to be thankful, for they are in “land that’s not theirs.”

I am Palestine. America rewards the occupying force in my country whenever they murder my children; 3 billion dollars a year in foreign aid.

I am Palestine. I have been replaced with a state founded on the blood of my women and children, branded with the name “democracy.”

I am Palestine. My occupiers have made the world believe they “made the desert bloom” while they continue to uproot my olive and almond trees, while they continue to destroy my farmland.

I am Palestine. I am the cement that holds the Arab world together, or I am the explosive that blows it apart.

I am Palestine. I await the day my people return with the colors red, green, white and black wrapped around their bodies. I await the day my people return to their stone homes. The day will come soon.

Source & More at the weblog of  A Palestinian Dreamer

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