Palestinian women stripped naked during provocative prison search

[ 09/06/2011 – 11:17 AM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– Four Palestinian women detained at the Israeli HaSharon prison were stripped naked during a humiliating and provocative cell search, those women told the Ahrar prisoner studies center.

The names of the women held for alleged security reasons were left undisclosed.

The search was conducted by ten female and five male prison guards and security and intelligence officials as well as the director of Room 2, where the women reside. The crew was looking for a mobile phone allegedly smuggled into the prison by one of the women.

Each woman was strip searched separately inside the unit in a way they described as humiliating and ”conflicting with ethics and morals”.

After their bodies were searched, they were moved to a ”penalization room” outside of the section wearing only clothes used for prayer, and the search team began savagely searching the entire room where they stay.

The search continued for six hours. When they got back to the room it was turned upside down and their personal items were damaged. But the alleged mobile phone was nowhere to be found.

During the search, the women were not allowed to eat or pray or even go to the bathroom, Ahrar center director Fuad al-Khuffash said. They were also threatened by the intelligence official saying he would ”turn the room on their heads”.

The room is said to be a weekly target for searches.


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