Press Release – The Challenges of Delivering Assistance & Monthly Costs of $375.000 to get aid into Palestine – Report


AIDA – Press release & Report

New report says Israeli restrictions increase costs, prevent aid from getting to those who need it most

Every month, aid and development agencies in the OPT are spending $375,000 just to work around restrictions on movement and access. While the restrictions add up to an annual cost of at least $4.5 million for donors and their taxpayers, the highest price is paid by people in the OPT according to a new report released by the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), a coalition of more than eighty international aid and development agencies said today.

In the 13 page report, “Restricting Aid – The Challenges of Delivering Assistance in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” the agencies call on the international community to urge Israel to remove the barriers impeding aid workers and related goods from moving freely to and between the communities they serve.
With one in four Palestinians living below the poverty line , the agencies say the restrictions further isolate communities from desperately needed aid- with vulnerable people paying the highest price.

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