The Activist’s Oath by Yasir M. Tineh

June 9, by Yasir M Tineh

Dedicated to @earthtonadine

There are in every person’s life certain moments that always incur change within one’s self. The stimulants are various; it can be words that you read off a page on some distant website in this worldwide web universe, a dramatic event you happen to eyewitness firsthand or lyrics to a song that hold more meaning to you once they are viewed from your perspective.

The best of these moments are the one’s where you realize that you can bring about change for the better not only upon yourself but you can also help and benefit others. Once you find yourself facing the first of these moments as a conscious adult and you embrace that mindset capturing the true essence of real unity; it is then that you turn from being just another human on this earth to an #Activist.
An #Activist is a true leader&follower in #Humanity, what drives him/her is a far stronger form of genuine love, his/her principles are unbreakable, morally on a higher ground & last but not least the understanding of ethical equality.

It is hard at first, trying to change something way more superior to you, it seems impossible. You will not know what to do, how to help or contribute, that is one of the biggest obstacles in your path but it’s only as big of an obstacle as you make it out to be, the mind is a radical thing you will think bigger than what you can handle and often see too much of a struggle eventually quiting and throwing that notion in a vault somewhere in your brain. The truth is you will face this day in day out if your Palestinian but that is why Palestinians are known to be some of the most persistent people on earth, Palestinians understand what it means to not just dream or believe , but to Dream With Belief and to Believe in your Dreams.

Every body that is alive today or yet to come into existence has room within himself to be an #Activist in every various essence of the word; that is to believe & dream of true #Humanity, #Equality & #Rights. Once you begin on this road of enlightenment you will only find #Motivation & #Support, beautiful feelings that will not only fuel your cause but feed your soul.

Take the Red Pill.

My three stimulants

Words:  Che Guevara
“Where ever there is Injustice, That is my Home” “أينما كان الظلم فذاك موطني “


Photo: Nablus


These are just three that come to mind,My family that support love and support me, all the great people I have come to know in life that are fellow #Activists, my friends that share my ideals & the most amazing tweeps on twitter that are more than just people involved in a social media website but more like a huge family have been the best part their support is motivational and they continue to inspire me every day.

So from me to you.
Thank You, you truly are inspiring.
Thank You Mom&Dad, My brother & my three little sister’s
Thank You Friends
Thank You Tweeps

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