What Really Happened in Qalandia?

Al Jazeera – The Stream | June 9, 2011

Journalists are using Twitter to challenge the mainstream media’s narrative of protests in the West Bank.

In a piece for Israeli web-magazine +972, Israeli-American journalist Joseph Dana writes about the effect that social media has had in covering the Palestinian Territories.

Twitter is changing the nature of breaking news from West Bank demonstrations. It is exposing Israel’s heavy handed crowd control methods which often break the army’s own internal codes of conduct.


YouTube user jeaunkes uploaded this video of Sunday’s protest at Qalandia, a checkpoint between the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Joseph Dana covered the June 5th protest as well. Throughout the day he live-tweeted photos and updates from the ground.

Source:The Stream – Al Jazeera English.

Live updates & Pictures  from the June 5 Demo’s around West bank, Gaza & Golan:

  • Live updates | Naksa Day | #June5 | Page 1
  • Live updates | Naksa Day | #June5 | Page 2
  • Live updates | Naksa Day | #June5 | Page 3
  • Live updates | Naksa Day | #June5 | Page 4
  • Live updates | Naksa Day | #June5 | Page 5

Photostory of June 5 Naksa Day

More pictures in the Gallery Images | الصور

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