Flotilla II-Stay Human!

Jun-10-2011 00:38 | Salem News

As Ministers And Other Politicians Beg To Wait For The Appearance Of “Common Sense”, The Palestinian People, Like Shuttlecocks, Are Painfully Served And Volleyed Back And Forth Across The Rafah Border

The phrase 'Stay Human' will always be tied to the late Vittorio 'Vik' Arrigoni (right)
The phrase ‘Stay Human’ will always be tied to the late Vittorio ‘Vik’ Arrigoni (right) uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.com

(WINDSOR, N.H.) – Depending upon which reports the reader receives, Rafah, the controversial border crossing opened on May 28 and closed a few days later; heralded as a significant move for something or other by the interim Egyptian regime (military) and a dire threat to the safety and security of the “Only democracy in the Middle East” (My guess is Israel); considered by many Palestinians to be a sign of an ending blockade, as illegitimate as it is, that was imposed formally on Gaza 4 years ago.

The Egyptians lied, Hamas lied, Israel successfully threatened both, the US stuck a knife in the hands of the Egyptian negotiators vying for the carrot $$ from the IMF and other agencies as well as the genuinely bankrupt (morally and financially) nations making up the “G”8 (G for Gangsta), workmen hired to repair and modify the border structures partied late on Friday and failed to show up for work until Monday, the hashish smuggled into Gaza through tunnel 137 was so excellent, dude, that the guards on both sides of the border lost the keys to the gates and went fishing instead (still mindful enough to avoid IOF gunboats strafing anything that looked suspiciously like a family trying to survive).

This is a picture of the Gazans storming the gate on Saturday before being turned back by sausage wielding Egyptian border police… or… by far, the worst ever piece of video propaganda ( http://j7.ww.sl.pt ) in search of an award at Cannes was being shot there and they had to lock down the set.

And…. while all this was either happening or not, representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. ( http://j8.5r.sl.pt), actually attempted to sell the Turkish government on a fresh load of fly rich detritus resembling a glamorous position as host of the perpetually posthumous “peace” talks (between an illegitimate “president” of a non-existent country held hostage by a need for American doughnuts… and the elected Sociopathic Prime Miserable of a Zionist land grabbing cult) recently exhumed by Hillary “Death on a Stick” Clinton and swiftly re-boxed and buried in a shallow hole behind Joe Biden’s (* “Obama’s “Inconsiderate” Partner”) olive tree (very small hole and very shallow since **“Turk-Hating Joe Biden”. really doesn’t want any shovel wielding Turks spending more than a few minutes in his yard)

Visit the Salem-News.com report: Meet the Dead of the Mavi Marmara by Tim King

Tragedy at sea: dead peace activists from the Mavi Marmara.

Did the Turks buy it? Let’s just say that they accepted a small sample to try out on the Organizers of Flotilla II-Stay Human! (which was the major condition set down by Obama and Congress for obtaining the aforementioned presumably prestigious post for portly posteriors of the ministerial kind).

This week, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, asked the Flotilla organizers to “reconsider” their efforts to carry on with the planned flotilla to break the blockade (Illegal that it is) and consider the positive ramifications “apparent” in the recent Rafah opening.

The side of the story Israel hides: the Mavi Marmara’s crew protected the
Israeli soldiers they captured, they provided them with medical care and
released them, end of story. Hardly the work of ‘terrorists who wanted to
kill Israelis’. They could have; our writer Ken O’Keefe, a U.S. Marine
combat vet, had one of their weapons, and no Israelis were shot.

The Flotilla organizers, prepared for the worst, broke out the Febreeze and quickly cleared away that obvious little stink bomb. They had read ALL the reports on Rafah and, after having done so, decided it was little more than a minor pissing contest between the Egyptian military and the increasingly retentive camo-queens of Hamas in which the real issue.. the freedom of the people of Palestine… was left on the pathway between Egypt and Gaza like the castings of a newly happy dog… and sits there waiting to see which uniformed Excretory Engineer will approach and scoop away.

Stepping up the stench assault, Davutoglu suggested that waiting to see how the expected new government for Palestine emerges just made good old common sense (like expecting something good to arise from the ego slinging at Rafah). He honestly suggested that “Israel should wait for the formation of the new Palestinian government and then lift the blockade of Gaza”.

Arguably, that actually would be pretty close to a common sense approach for most nations in dispute and would be worth suggesting were it not for the fact that Israel couldn’t sustain a cease fire if its life depended on it, that Israel, just ONE YEAR AGO, FIRED ON A SHIP OF UNARMED PEACE ACTIVISTS AND MURDERED, AT CLOSE RANGE, 8 TURKS AND 1 TURK/AMERICAN!!… then blamed Turkey for the Flotilla, the so-called terrorists, the “arms” supposedly on board the Mavi Marmara, fostering the De-legitimization of Israel, and who, to this day, refuses to apologize for any of its illegal actions toward the flotilla, the passengers, the families, and the government of Turkey.

Continuing with the malodorous sampling, he then stated, “The aid flotilla should wait to see developments following Egypt’s opening of the Rafah crossing and how Israel reacts to the new government to be set up in Palestine”. He suggested that a new government in Palestine would remove the reasons Israel expresses as the cause of the blockade and occupation of Gaza.

Realizing that Foreign Minister, Davutoglu, was spreading more of a common scent than common sense, the organizers reminded him that the Egyptian protesters refused to leave the square and refused to back off until the regime had departed fully. They informed him that as long as there exists a blockade, as long as the lands which form the roots of Palestine remain occupied, they will continue in their attempts to end these illegal actions by the Israelis.

Signaling to the Flotilla organizers that his attempt to plant such seeds and fertilize them with the ripe corporate detritus sample given to him by the representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. was not intentioned to be an effort on the part of the government to impose its will upon civic organizations and force them to shut down their plans for the Flotilla II-Stay Human! That, he said, would be “unacceptable”.

To sum up… and with a bit of honest reporting… Rafah is once again open, the list of 5000+ persona non grata still exists and is being scrutinized by both Hamas and Egyptian officials.

The decreased daily limitation on travelers still remains, the buses are back in operation and taxis are also operating; the injured and ill are still being triaged before being allowed to pass; documentation requests are continuing to cause delays, and the construction is, as yet, unfinished.

Hamas and the Egyptian officials at the border are still playing head games with each other and ignoring the needs of the people (Over the past few days, first Egypt would close the gates then reopen and then Hamas would repeat this.. back and forth), Israel maintains “spies” in both Gaza and Rafah who are taking pictures of travelers and, in some cases, following them, Israel and the US continue to pour pressure on Egypt to permanently close Rafah, the “G” 8 and gang are still dangling carrots in front of the regime (who do remember the many threats they had received in the past from this gang).

And the US is dangling an absurd carrot in front of the Turkish government (knowing that egos and politics make asses out of otherwise intelligent people looking to be immortalized as a hero either for their country or globally), other carrots are being offered such as $$ and guns, Joe Biden, who used to threaten to pull funds from Turkey if they didn’t bow to every whim of the god “USA” and who is so widely disrespected throughout Turkey will likely have no part in any further attempts to suck Turkey into the phony peace process, that Davutoglu will likely not buy this truckload of fly rich detritus but might buy some product, eventually, and maybe even go to work for Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc as, perhaps, a lobbyist.

Most important, however, the courageous and compassionate crews of Flotilla II-Stay Human!! will sail around June 20th with over 1500 remarkable peaceful activists of all stripes and colors representing over 100 nations on board, tons of supplies desperately needed by Gaza, 1000’s of letters of love, hope and support addressed to Palestinian people… AND THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING!!!!!

Someday, even Fatah and Hamas will become irrelevant and the only state that will matter is a state of bliss…

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M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. is a Counselor and Conflict Resolution Specialist/Consultant (Mediation/Arbitration/Facilitation) (20+ yrs).

He is the Creator of Thought Addiction programs (Lectures Seminars & Workshops) (Intensive 21 day Addiction Recovery Programs designed for Artists, Actors, Musicians & Industry Leaders) residing in New Hampshire (US). (The Website for M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. is currently under reconstruction) Contact: mdp54@gsinet.net 1-603-478-1544


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