Head of the Hamas Shura Council dies aged 76


Head of the Hamas Shura Council dies aged 76 11-06-2011,08:59

Al Qassam website– Gaza- Muhammad Shamaa, Head if the Hamas Shura Council and founding member of the movement, died on Friday, three days after suffering a brain stroke.

Shamaa (76) spent long years in the company of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin in the path of struggle against occupation and was detained and tortured.

He was a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine and one of the founders of the Islamic Resistance Movement and was one of the deportees to Marj al-Zohoor in south Lebanon.

•      Shamaa was born in Majdal in 1935
•      Became a refugee with his family in 1948 when Zionist occupied Palestine.
•      Worked as a teacher at UNRWA schools from 1955-1996
•      Joined the Muslim Brotherhood since the early fifties before the movement was disbanded by the Egyptian government
•      Worked along with Sheikh Ahmad Yassin to revive the movement after the 1967 Israeli occupation.
•      Co-founded with Sheikh Yassin and other brothers the Hamas movement in 1987.
•      Was detained for 13 months in 1988.
•      Deported to Lebanon along with other leaders from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in December 1992.
•      Until his death he held the office of Head of the Hamas Shura Council in Palestine.

Thousands participated in Shamaa’s funeral in Gaza after the Friday prayers at Omari mosque in Gaza City.

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, first PLC speaker, said in a tribute to Shamaa: “He was a Palestinian leader who spent most of their time to support the oppressed. He was a leader, a reformer, and a mentor who stood in the face of occupation which commits aggression day and night against Palestinian people.”


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