Health minister says crisis worsened after unity deal

[ 11/06/2011 – 01:31 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza health minister Bassem Naim said Saturday that the health crisis in Gaza has taken a turn for the worse following the unity deal signed by factions ruling the Palestinian territories in May.

”We have called on our brothers in Ramallah in order to solve the crisis and quickly send Gaza’s share of medicine provided by the health ministry at the soonest time. But that hasn’t happened so far,” Naim said.

”I want to emphasize here that we don’t want to politicize the issue at all, but rather to end it for the benefit of the Palestinian citizen firstly,” he added.

The situation is getting more serious day after day, Naim said during a speech he gave marking First Science Day in the Shifa medical center in the Gaza Strip.

The Strip suffers a sharp medical shortage in 180 ”indispensible” medicines and 200 medical consumables, including disinfectants and syringes, he said.

He pointed out that the shortage has had an impact on every medical sector in the Strip, and has exacerbated because of the lack of materials and human resources available amid the Israeli siege.

Naim said that the Palestinian government in Gaza is trying to resolve the crisis quickly by using a million dollars deducted from the salaries of the health ministry’s staff in an emergency measure. But he said the move would not be enough to solve the entire problem.


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