Official report shows increase in holy site attacks

[ 12/06/2011 – 10:20 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– An official Palestinian report shows a marked increase in Jewish settler attacks against Islamic and Christian holy sites in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The report released Saturday by the national bureau of land defense and resistance of settlements (NBPRS) highlights the serious nature of threats written on the walls of Al-Mughayyir mosque that was burned down last week, reading: ”this is the beginning of retaliation”. The threat comes in the context of ”price tag” operations, where settlers retaliate against Palestinians whenever the Israeli government evacuates settlement outposts in the West Bank.

The report says that last week saw ”a serious rise and clear violation of international conventions and the Hague and Geneva accords which require protection of the right of worship and non-violation of the sanctity of holy places”.

The report points out that Jewish extremist groups set fire to the grand mosque in Al-Mughayyir village near Ramallah and that others were authorized to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque and provocatively break empty bottles of alcohol on the places of worship as they marked the Jewish Shavuot holiday.

It also mentions that last week the Jerusalem municipality planning committee approved a plan to build a Jewish museum dubbed ”the museum of tolerance” on top of the largest Muslim cemetery in the holy city.

The official report also marks an increase in settler attacks and crimes in an ”organized policy targeting Palestinian residents and property in the West Bank”, attacks that include the burning of hundreds of dunums of olive groves.


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