Members of Knesset Calling for Tighter Rules on Companies Who Do Not Recognize Israel as Jewish


PNN – Palestine News Network – 13.06.11 – 09:29

Jerusalem-PNN-Victoria Delacroix- Two of the Knesset’s members, Uri Ariel and Zeev Elkin, both from the ruling Likud party have put forth two bills that would give registrars the ability to reject any sort of organization that does not agree or comply with the idea that Israel is both a Jewish and democratic state. Both of the bills were started by the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel.
ImageThe Ha’aretz reported that the two initiatives are meant to clamp down on both companies and non-profit organizations. The bills would amend existing laws that govern the operations of companies, so that registrars could have the power to reject any company or NGO that does refuses to acknowledge Israel’s ‘Jewish and democratic character’.

The preamble to one of the bills underlines that the laws that are in place, “provides for the existence of organized entities that can carry out activities whose purpose is to threaten the Jewish or democratic character of the state of Israel.”

The Ha’aretz also reported that the registrar has no power to prevent to registration of a company whose goal is, “to convert Jews to another faith.”

However, under the new legislation that is being proposed, the registrar would have the ability to fine companies and NGO’s all ready registered if they are in violation of not recognizing Israel as both a Jewish and democratic state. If the cases are serious enough, then the registrar may also have the power to close them down.

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