ALERT | HasbaRats Hijack GYBO Logo

In common struggle against apartheid, zionism & of course the hasbara (the israeli propaganda-machine) which is concealing all the ongoing atrocities against Palestinians, we issue this alert in Solidarity with Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO).

Their logo has been hijack in a pathetic attempt to discredit GYBO and insult your intelligence, manipulate public opinion with the really “how low can you go”-reason to give this page an uncensored, respectful chance for a REAL conversation etc etc blablabla…and more hasbara which is would be free of censorship.

The “Hasbarat” Hijacked version of the FB page is called Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) Uncensored and this is the logo they hijiacked:

The Alert

After the page appeared the Real Gaza Youth posted this alert already on several pages, which we like to repeat here:

Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO)
Guys please report this page Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) Uncensored and tell friends to do that. It’s a fake page, a zionist page. And we ask people who already asked the page to dislike them. Thanks a lot.

What’s more to tell about Hasbara: Don’t Let Them fool ya!

Zionism came away with their propaganda to conceal and sustain their eternal victim status by concealing their atrocities and romanticize the truth, keep you stupid and insult in fact your intelligence. Stating here, the page would be free of censorship is a paradox on itself. Many of us recall the day GazaYBO issued their manifesto which swiftly got the worlds attention, which of course was exactly the purpose of the manifesto. To break out, with the truth.

After this, the page of GYBO got immediately restricted from posting for the admins by Facebook, which indiscriminate censors pages, we the online activists for Palestine on the blog and many more love to call it the THE NEW ONLINE “CHECKPOINT”: FACEBOOK

Restricting, blocking, deleting without any possibility to appeal pages of people and thus being FreeSpeech-killer number one and the most a-social network on the WWW. Even blockpages have extensions like “roadblock.php” or “checkpoint.php“, which of course reminds us where we are.. on a Israeli influenced and controlled “social” network.

But hence, at least we know now, the best proof to be sure you bring out the truth and to be sure to follow people telling the truth is to go behind those who get harrassed all the time. And in stead of muting their voice, it only gets louder. So these efforts are futile.

The Efforts of Zionists

Well, these are numerous. Joe Lieberman hired a team of hasbarasoldiers, twitter-chayalim, and recently Israel’s main Tabloid YNet published a real Web War Declaration calling zion-loving and blind following mankind to duty! Literally stating to get at work to influence people, more about that in our answer to that article you can read here:



  • Explanation of Hasbara
  • Resources (an example the manual the “recruits” get with “instructions” -also free for download)
  • And all you need to get rid of hasbara: Reliable sources,  facts from the ground, reports and more.

The appeal

So we ask anyone to unlike the page, report it for a quick view into the content shows, that the “free speech”, the “respect” and “conversation” are far from that. To the Hasbarats we want to say, you really are so desperate to go beyond any level of decency to sell more lies and defend a “nations” pathetic attempt to get away with all the horrendous activities, atrocities and whitewashing that you forget your own dignity but more important your own mitzvot? For claiming being Gods chosen ones, one should at least obey what thou G-d commanded:

‘He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes’ – Psalms 101:7

And again this pathetic attempt of hasbara to diminish the message of the youth from coming out, only will lead to a louder voice for justice, reality and especially the truth. For not like brainwashed blind following hasbarats, people mainly tend to use a mind of their own, speak for themselves and act that way without any needs of instructions, manuals or guidance of a sickening ideology like Zionists tend to have it made you worse, than those you feared once yourself.
Click here  to go to the one and only real Gaza Youth Breaks Out Page

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