Germany: Blockade on the Gaza Strip must be ended

June 14, 2011 |

Gaza — German Development Aid Minister Dirk Niebel , who visits the besieged Gaza strip , said Tuesday that his country has pledged to offer 50 million euros for building schools in Gaza.

Niebel stated in a press conference held in headquarter of UNRWA in Gaza that his visit to Gaza aims to take a look on projects implemented in partnership between the Palestinians and Germany.

He pointed out that he had seen the wastewater treatment plant in Sheikh Ajleen western Gaza, which is funded with € 20 million by Germany.

Niebel vowed his country pledge in Sharm El-Sheikh conference in 2009 following the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip to provide 150 million euros to support humanitarian and reconstruction needs of the Gaza strip.

He stressed that no reconstruction or development could happen without a political solution to the crisis taking place between Israeli and the Palestinian.

The German minister called on “Israel” to completely lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip, to enable reconstruction process get start .

Referring political affairs, Niebel stated he believes that the only solution to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the establishment of two states, according to the requirements of the Quartet.

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