MP Mansour says Nablus attack a message for Cairo meeting

[ 14/06/2011 – 12:41 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– MP Mona Mansour has called on Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to issue orders freeing all political prisoners immediately, saying it is inconceivable that Palestinians would be held in both Israeli and Palestinian jails on the same charges.

”The reconciliation is in a valley, and the practices of the security agencies are in another valley,” Mansour said, referring to the daily arrests in the West Bank targeting Hamas’s men in the West Bank that persisted after the Palestinian unity deal signed in early May. ”It’s as if the reconciliation is non-existent and they’ve never heard of it.”

She said that the families of Palestinians detained for political reasons and those dismissed from their positions based on partisan ties have lost hope after the issues remained unsolved following the signing of the deal.

Mansour was one of those attacked on Monday when West Bank security services cracked down on a sit-in staged by the families of political prisoners and attended by several members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Although it was held in a ”peaceful and civilized manner”, the security elements also attacked media that was present to cover the event and confiscated video footage of the crackdown.

The Palestinian legislator expressed hope that the news would reach members of Fatah and Hamas convened in Cairo on Tuesday

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority’s preventive security agency in Ramallah has arrested Hussein Yaqoub al-Ajrab, 45, from Qibya village, on suspicion of transferring funds to Hamas.

He was released just a week earlier after a three year stretch in Israeli custody detained administratively.

Ajrab also suffers a condition in his head after he was physically assaulted by Israeli intelligence officers in Jerusalem in 1996 and several slipped disks in the spine.


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