Palestine-Israel – The joint struggle of AAtW* + radical left activists with grass root Palestinians

June 14, 2011

Week after week… sometimes day after day, the joint struggle continue. The years with no joint struggles with no lively solidarity and no hope for better days soon coming nearly forgotten. People injured and arrested are not deterred. The inhaling tear gas together function stronger than “ceremonial friendship pipe”. This week, in addition to the usual locations we participated also in the demonstrations in Kufer Malek, Biddu, a-Tuwani, and Shuqba. The joint struggle that started with the struggle against the separation fence expanded and include more and more locations of struggle against the colonialist settlement: Beit Ummar, East Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Ras Al Amud, Issawiya), Kufer Malek, Nabi Saleh, A-Tuwani, South of Hebron Hills.

Beit Ummar

Saturday, the weekly peaceful demonstration in Beit-Ummar set off as almost every week in the last few weeks outside the village on the walkway up to the agriculture zone near the settlement Carmei-Zur.In the march took part approx 15 Palestinians, few internationals and 10 Israelis (from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa), holding nations flags and signs. At the middle of the path, about 150 meters walking the IOF soldiers waited and tried to stop the march, the protesters terned into the grove and then were stopped by the soldiers between the trees. The soldiers were aggressive, allow the protesters to say a few words but not to move forward, and when some people tried to do so they stopped them violently. After that the protesters worked symbolically for 10 minuets deforestation stones from the agriculture area. After that we felt our message delivered and we left the area.…01802

Israel Puterman video at:

Kufer Malek


The village of Biddu held a demonstration this week demanding access to their farmlands and a end to the Separation Wall in their village. In 2004, four demonstrators were shot dead by live ammunition in a similar demonstration

Roughly 50 people gathered near an Israeli placed gate at the edge of the agricultural lands of Biddu on Friday for an unarmed demonstration. Quickly the demonstration turn into chaos as Palestinian youth threw rocks and the Israeli army responded with tear gas and stun grenades. No injuries were reported in the course of the demonstration, which lasted for several hours. In 2004, four unarmed demonstrators were shot dead in Biddu by live fire from Israeli soldiers. In recent years, demonstrations in the village have been all but non-existent.

Israel Puterman 10-6-11


Friday, in spite of the scalding heat, dozens of villagers from Bil’in marched once again together with international and Israeli solidarity activists to the Apartheid Wall in protest to its illegal annexation of 60% of the village’s land for the construction of Jewish-only settlements. As every Friday in various locations throughout Palestine, the activists attempted to implement international law, international humanitarian law – under which settlements constitute a war crime, and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice with ruled in July 2004 that the illegal Wall and its associated regime should be dismantled.

Waving the Palestinian flag and images of martyrs and prisoners of the popular resistance, protestors chanted for freedom and justice, against Apartheid, and for the release of all political prisoners. As usual, the army opened fire at the protestors even before most had reached the Wall, shooting a type of tear gas that is considerably more harmful than the types ordinarily used in Europe or the US, throwing sound bombs, and spraying them with a chemical green liquid that activists have termed „shit“ or „skunk“ due to its nauseating odor which sticks to its target for days.

Dozens of activists suffered from tear gas inhalation, which is aggravated by the harsh summer heat, and in various places, crops caught fire and spread quickly. The army continued to shoot at protestors even while they attempted to put out the fires.…mid=1

Haitham Al Khatib video at:….14101….58013


Israel Puterman Qalandia – 5-6-11 video at:

Nabi Saleh

Roughly 100 gathered in the center of Nabi Saleh just after Friday afternoon prayers for the weekly demonstration/confrontation against the occupation and settler takeover of the village farmlands. Among the demonstrators was a large group of 50 Israeli supporters and many internationals. The demonstrators were able to walk roughly 100 meters before the army attacked them with tear gas from three sides.
For the next three hours, the army was relentless in its use of tear gas. At one point, a demonstrator fell unconscious and was moved to a civilian house. The army attacked the house with tear gas and prohibited emergency personal from entering the village for roughly 20 minutes. Medics were able to revive the young man with oxygen when they were allowed into the village.
In the afternoon, the army invaded the central part of the village and began house to house raids in order to arrest Israelis and internationals. Over five people were detained in the course of the search and the demonstration.

As the sun began to set, Israeli forces pulled out of the village amidst clashes with youth who were throwing stones.

Children Suffocating from Tear Gas. Picture Credit: Joseph Dana…w.jpg

Gershon Baskin
David Reeb



The weekly demonstration in Ni’lin set off as always with a prayer in the village’s land, and then a march to the wall route with approx 50 Palestinians, 5 Israeli and the same number of internationals. a number of youth threw stones and soldiers responded with tear gas. No injuries were recorded and the demonstration ended after around an hour.

Sheikh Jarrah – East Jerusalem – Al Kuds

This Friday, June 10th, at 4:00 pm, at the public garden in Sheikh Jarrah

Nissim Mossek

South of Hebron Hills

Um EL Heer IDF and Settlers Harassment Nissim Mossek


Following the afternoon prayers, residents of the village of Shuqba (neighboring Ni’ilin) were joined by Israelis, internationals and a contingent of protesters from Ni’lin for a march and protest against the illegal Israeli quarry which is eating away at the village’s land. approximately 150 protesters approached the Natuf quarry, and dismantled barbed wire surrounding it. Israeli soldiers and border police officers stationed at the quarry fired tear gas canisters at the protesters, setting large scale fires that spread through the dry weeds. A number of youth threw some stones at the soldiers, but the long distance between the two groups meant the clashes were very low key, unlike the events at last week’s protest, when a private security guard fired dozens of live rounds at a group of Palestinian protesters, injuring one with a ricochet. No injuries were recorded.


On Friday, June 10, about 40 people gathered for the first of what will become regular, weekly demonstrations in At-Twani, a small Palestinian community south of Hebron. Protesters marched through town towards the nearby settlement of Ma’on, often a source of settler violence and harassment. Before they could get there, they were stopped by a group of about twenty Israeli soldiers. The army refused to let the demonstration pass. Protesters and soldiers argued for about ten minutes. Then the military grabbed a member of At-Twani’s Popular committee and an Israeli activist and pushing the rest of the activists back. One soldier threw a sound bomb into the crowd, which landed between the legs of the demonstrators. Three men were injured when it detonated: Rami Jabarin, Adham Ashwaheen and Fadl Abu Iram. They received medical attention from a Palestinian ambulance.

Palestinians and solidarity activists stayed at the scene, chanting slogans and demanding the release of the detained protesters. Finally, the military released the Popular Committee member. Protesters continued to demand the release of the Israeli activist, as well as their rights to continue the protest, but the soldiers ignored their demands. The demonstration lingered for another half hour, then dispersed peacefully. The Israeli activist was held for several hours before being released.

Settlers living in Ma’on, next to the At-Twani, often attack village children on their way to a newly-constructed school. The situation has gotten so bad that internationals and Israeli soldiers now escort the children so they can safely walk to school. Today’s protest sought to highlight this outrageous situation.

Tel Aviv

The radicals’ LGBTQI parade-demo…01802

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