Death hangs over 25 captives in Ramlah prison

[ 17/06/2011 – 09:54 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Families of sick Palestinian captives in the Ramlah prison have called for bringing their issue to the fore, especially that occupation prison authorities deliberately neglects their medical needs.

The families said after a visit to the captives in the Ramlah prison hospital that the health condition of those captives is critical and their plight is deliberately ignored by the prison administration.

They added that Abdel-Salam Bani Oudeh from Tammoun whose condition has not been diagnosed so far, Muhammd Sulaiman from Arourah who suffers from anaemia and Ahmad al-Najjar from Silwad who suffers from throat cancer are all in critical condition. And so is the condition of Mansour Moqadeh from Salfit, Khaled Shawish from Jenin, Ashraf Abu Threi’ from Doura, all of who suffering from hemiplegia

They also said that there was deterioration in the health of Akram al-Reehawi who suffers from cancer, Nahed al-Aqra’ from Gaza who had his right leg amputated, Ahmad Samara from Gaza who suffers from cancer and Mahmoud Abu al-Rub from Jenin who suffers from some neurological disorder.


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