I want to tell a Story….

I want to tell the world a story…

about a home with a broken lantern and a burned doll,

about a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed,

about an axe that killed the flowers;

A story about a fire that consumed a plait,

a story about a tear that didn’t run down…

I want to tell a story about a goat that wasn’t milked,

about a mothers dough that wasn’t baked,

about a wedding that wasn’t celebrated,

and a baby girl that didn’t grow up…..

about a football that wasn’t kicked,

about a dove that didn’t fly.

I want to tell a story about a key that wasn’t used,

about a classroom that wasn’t attended,

about a book that wasn’t read,

about a playground that was silent.

About a besieged and lonely farm and

about its fruits that were not picked,

about a lie that wasn’t discovered.

A story about a masjid that’s no longer prayed in,

about a mosque that no longer stands,

and a culture no longer rejoiced.

I want to tell a story about a muddy, grassy roof,

about a stone that faced a tank,

about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down,

about a spirit that cannot be defeated;

I want to tell the world a story.

Now… light a candle for Palestine…

you can do it, light a candle, one little candle;

Watch the darkness fade away,

just try it….

one ray of light wipes away the gloomiest night…

As dawn breaks just observe….

can you see that all the darkness of the world

cannot extinguish the faintest flicker of a beam of light.?

Light a candle… one little candle,

watch the darkness fade away… you can do it…


Hey….. WORLD.. did you hear me..?

~ By my dear Sister Angel Falasteen (May Allah swt bless you. Ameen)

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