Press Release: Glasglow Aid Convoy to Gaza

Embargoed for: Sunday 19th June 2011

Headline: Forty Ton Aid Convoy Leaves Glasgow for Gaza

Photo Opportunity and Press Conference: George Square, Glasgow@1200 hours Sunday 19th June 2011

Justice for Palestine will be leaving Glasgow for Gaza on Sunday in their attempt to deliver much needed medical aid and supplies to Palestinians living under the brutal Israeli occupation government siege. Headed by a survivor of last year\’s freedom flotilla, raided in international waters by the Israeli Occupation Forces, this convoy plans to take the safer route of road, to ensure Gazans receive the medical aid denied them for the last four years.
In the third trip to Gaza with Justice for Palestine, Dr Hasan Nowarah, a Glaswegian originally from Ramallah, Palestine, is heading the convoy. Two 18 ton trucks and a 7.5 ton truck have been loaded with medicine and medical equipment and will be departing from Glasgow on Sunday. Dr Nowarah has said “These aid convoys will keep going to Palestine until the siege has ended and the Palestinians are self-sufficient.”

The last trip, which included a 44 ton truck as part of the Free Gaza Movement\’s Freedom Flotilla, was marred by the brutal boarding of ships by Israeli commandos in Black Hawk helicopters, resulting in 9 civilian deaths on board the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish aid ship that was part of this flotilla, and 55 hospitalisations from raids on all ships. The action was condemned by the United Nations and declared illegal by the UNHCR.
Participants in this arduous journey include 30 year old Glasgow film-maker Martin Forry and 47 year old grandfather from Stirling, Peter Morton, who says “Last month in the elections Scotland freely expressed her independence opinion. Scotland was not castigated and so I feel that Palestinians should get their independence and freedom of expression at election too.”
Another volunteer, Atiph Wyn, 43 of Glasgow, says: “Israel has kept Gaza under siege for 4 years and we\’re entering the fifth year. As long as there is a noose around the neck of the Gazans thats how long I will try to break that noose.”

On June 8th, Dr Basim Naim, Minister of Health in the government of Gaza, said 178 types of necessary medications are at near zero balance in stock in Gaza. He further said more than 190 types of medicine in stock are either expired or are close to their expiry date, which has forced his administration to postpone several medical operations.
According to Amnesty International, World Health Organization (WHO) trucks of medical equipment bound for Gazan hospitals have repeatedly been turned away, without explanation, by Israeli border officials. While Israel allows some humanitarian supplies from international aid agencies into Gaza, these are strictly limited and frequently delayed. UN agencies have said that additional storage and transportation costs incurred from delays due to the blockade totalled around $5 million in 2009.
Notes for editors:

There will be opportunities for interviews on camera as well as pictures on Sunday.

Hasan Nowarah was injured during the Gaza Flotilla Raid of summer 2010.
Attached is a picture from the previous truckload to Gaza.

Hasan Nowarah Tel: 00 44 (0)7900143314

Omar Ibrahim Tel: 07722225537

1 Ancaster Lane, Anniesland, Glasgow G13 1HP Scotland UK

Mobile: 00 44 (0)7900143314



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