Israeli intelligence elements break the hand of a Jerusalemite boy

19/06/2011 11:08 | |

The boy -Ahmed Dawood Siyam (14)- from Silwan village suffered from bruises in his right hand, leg and eye, after being attacked by members of the Israeli intelligence, who arrested him while he was standing in front of his uncle’s shop, in Bir Ayub in Jerusalem.

It is reported that a group of the Israeli intelligence kidnapped the kid, while he was standing in front of his uncle’s shop, battered him and handcuffed his legs and hands.

Before any investigation, the kid was referred to the Magistrate’s Court, and the judge sentenced him with house arrest outside the village of Silwan until today Sunday June 19.

Siyam’s father pointed out that the police ordered him to bring the kid on Sunday to Mascopiyah police station to take his fingerprints and to tack some pictures of him.

The Father said that during the interrogations about stone beltings, his son denied all the allegations and confirmed that during his arrest there was no confrontations whatsoever in the area. Siyam’s father added also that he himself transported his son to hospital after being attacked by the intelligence elements and unfortunately we discovered that he suffers of fractures in his right hand bones, and bruises in his leg and eye.


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