Israeli Military Destroys Homes Near Hebron


PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.06.11 – 15:08

Hebron – PNN – On Monday, the Israeli military leveled houses and farm lands that belonged to Bier Al-Ad village near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

ImageLocal sources said that Israeli border police stormed the village early this morning and leveled seven houses, bulldozed land and destroyed crops belonging to local farmers, near the illegal Israeli settlement of Massyar.

According to the sources, 90 people were made homeless. The homes were first demolished in 1999 by the Israeli military. Villagers rebuilt their homes after a ruling by the Israeli High Court of Justice, but residents reported continued settler and military attacks against them.

In 2001, the Israeli military closed the road leading to the village, claiming that they were providing security for the nearby settlement, leading the villagers to flee the village for a number of years. They returned during 2009 after winning another court hearing.

The villagers in Beir Al-Ad depend on raising cattle and farming for their income.


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