Haneyya: Siege-busting convoys expose occupation crimes

[ 21/06/2011 – 10:00 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya has said that the siege-busting convoys contribute to exposing the true image of occupation and its crimes against the Palestinian people.

Haneyya, speaking during a reception for members of the Miles of Smiles humanitarian convoy, said that the convoys prove that the Palestinian people in Gaza are not alone in face of occupation and its practices.

He said that the convoys also prove that Gaza was still under siege and expose the Israeli attempt to deceive the world into believing that the blockade was over and the crossings were open.

“This is the third time we are honored to receive the Miles of Smiles convoy,” Haneyya said, expressing deep appreciation for all those who participated in this effort.

The premier said that the convoy will have a great impact on the Palestinian people’s steadfastness in addition to their determination to have their own independent state and to return refugees to their homeland.

For his part, Dr. Issam Yousef, the coordinator of the convoy, pledged to continue organizing similar convoys, adding that Israel would never succeed in blocking the growing number of solidarity activists from heading to Gaza with more relief material.

He said that the convoy carries medicines to the tune of half a million dollars including ten brands that were already depleted in the Strip in addition to the special milk formula for the newly born that was also out of stock in Gaza.

Former British minister of international development Shahid Malik said that Israel would never enjoy peace and prosperity until the Palestinian people enjoyed them.


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