Ghoul receives French delegation working to prosecute Israeli war criminals

[ 22/06/2011 – 01:50 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza Minister of Justice Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul welcomed to his office on Tuesday French legal experts interested in prosecuting Israeli leaders before the International Criminal Court over war crimes committed in the 2008-9 aggression against the Gaza Strip.

“From the perspective that we are oppressed by Israel through massacres, murder, and genocide, we hope that you as international lawyers will defend those oppressed in the world,” Ghoul said, showing gratitude to the delegation.

He expressed hope that the Palestinian government with the help of the free world would one day bring Israeli leaders to justice before the ICC.

One of the attorneys Jill Deverz said he had been working on a draft for the last two years to prosecute economic organizations that support Israel. But he said that prosecuting Israel was a complex process, because the Israeli courts often violate international law in matters like settlement construction.

The delegation also met with the ministry’s Osama Saad, who was tasked with heading the committee for documenting the war crimes, and other Gaza legal advisers. The committee gave the delegation a copy of documents supporting that Israel committed 1,500 war crimes during the 22-day aggression.

The documentation committee called for continued talks and expressed readiness to provide all necessary steps to help prosecute Israeli war criminals. The committee added that its documents also included operations that killed Gaza children in Israel’s most recent aggression just a few months back.


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