Israeli Helicopter Bombs Gaza Tunnel

PNN – Palestine News Network 22.06.11 – 10:08

Gaza – PNN – The Israeli air force bombed a tunnel in southern Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning, Palestinian and Israeli sources reported.


Gaza tunnel entrance, PNN Archives

According to the Israeli military, the airstrike came in response to a mortar and a homemade Qassam rocket fired from Gaza into Israel Tuesday night, Israeli sources reported.

The airstrike was carried out by an attack helicopter, reported Israeli daily the Jerusalem Post. The Israeli military said the tunnel was being used by terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

On Tuesday night, a mortar shot landed in an open field east of Gaza and was followed by a Qassam rocket that also landed in an open field. No damage, injuries or deaths were reported from the attacks, said reports.

The Israeli strike destroyed a section of the tunnel but no injuries or deaths have been reported from that attack either.

Since Israel started its siege on Gaza four years ago tunnels at the borders with Egypt have become the source of much-needed medical and food supplies to the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza.

The Israeli military said it holds Hamas responsible for keeping the peace in Gaza and considers it responsible for all terrorist activities coming from the coastal enclave, reported the Jerusalem Post.


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