IOA orders destruction of Jerusalemite home

[ 23/06/2011 – 11:48 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– An Israeli court issued a ruling Wednesday in favor of destroying the home of Wael al-Razem in the Wadi Yasul neighborhood of Jerusalem’s Silwan district, claiming the home was built without license.

The family of eight, most of whom are children, was given until the middle of July to evacuate.

The Razems began building in September 2010 and went to reside in their home after a month, Um Mohammed al-Razem said, adding that in November officials from Israel’s Jerusalem municipality came and handed the family a demolition notice

She said more officers came later to inform them that they were not allowed to make reparations to the home.

She went on to say that the family appointed a lawyer to help fight the demolition decree and tried to get a license to build issued.


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