Egyptian business man and two Zionists served life sentences for spying

[ 24/06/2011 – 12:05 PM ]

Tariq Abdel-Razzaq Hussain

CAIRO, (PIC)– The Egyptian State Security Supreme Court in Cairo sentenced an Egyptian businessman and two Zionists to life imprisonment for spying for Israel.

The indictment states that Israel established a company in China for Egyptian businessman, Tariq Abdel-Razzaq Hussain (37 years) as a cover for his spying work.

The court said that the two Zionists who were sentenced in absentia were Edi Moshe and Joseph Demor, both of whom are Mossad officers.

Hussain tried during his work with the Mossad to recruit agents in the Arab world. The Editor-in-Chief of the Lebanese al-Deyar newspaper, Charl Ayoub, said that Hussain asked him if he could give talks in China, Thailand and South Africa about the middle east offering him first class travel and hotel accommodation and all expenses paid through a credit card which Hussain would provide him with as soon as he arrives in China.


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