European Campaign: Israeli excuses for besieging Gaza null and void

[ 24/06/2011 – 07:05 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) has utterly rejected the Israeli excuses for besieging the Gaza Strip, stressing that life of Israelis couldn’t be built or protected at the expense of the lives of 1.7 million Palestinians cordoned there.

The Israeli occupation ambassador to Washington, Michel Oren, had defended the siege on Gaza over the past five years saying that it was “a matter of life and death” to the Israelis.

The campaign also stressed that the international community has no excuse in keeping silent towards what the IOA was and still is doing against the Palestinian people in the coastal Strip.

“It is simply wrong to deny 1.7 million individuals the simplest human rights, including food and fuel that are considered as basic needs for people. There are no articles in international law that allow the blockade as the IOA alleges,” the organization said in a statement it issued in this concern on Thursday.

It also deprecated the IOA for not implementing the UNSC resolution no. 1860 for the year 2009 that calls for the immediate lifting of the siege, and the resolutions of the UNHRC recommendations in the aftermath of the bloody Israeli assault on the first Freedom Flotilla, accusing “Israel” of considering itself as a state above-the international law.

The Campaign further stressed that the IOA has no right to stop freedom Flotilla 2, underlining that all those on board are civilians and human right activists from more than 40 countries across the world brining humanitarian assistance to the besieged Palestinians.

For his part, Israeli navy commander Elieser Maroom warned that his troops would block the convoy, calling on all countries not to allow their citizens to participate in the convoy.

Maroom also alleged that the convoy would give Hamas the ability to possess large quantities of weapons, warning that allowing the convoy to sail could lead to adverse repercussions.


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