Israeli troops attack anti-wall protesters


PressTV –  Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:27PM

Israeli troops have fired tear gas at Palestinian demonstrators protesting against Tel Aviv’s separation barrier in the occupied West Bank.

The violence in the West Bank village of Bilin came after a group of Palestinians managed to remove parts of the illegal Israeli fence, which cuts villagers off from vast stretches of their land and separates the West bank from the rest of the occupied territories.

Palestinians view the fence as an “apartheid wall.”

Bilin has been the scene of weekly protests against Israel’s controversial separation barrier for years, but this week’s demonstrations came with celebrations after the Israeli army finally bowed to a court order and began to tear down parts of the fence to re-route it.

Hundreds of Palestinians, including a number of leaders and activists, attended the protest rally to celebrate the achievement. Palestinians say anti-wall protests will continue because much of their land still remains inaccessible.

The Israeli military tore down a watchtower overlooking Bilin on Wednesday and said they were ready to dismantle part of the fence, four years after the high court ruled it should be repositioned to give Palestinians access to farmland.

“What the village of Bilin has got back because of the changing of the course of the wall represents less than half of the lands that were confiscated,” Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Feyadh told Reuters.

Tel Aviv began constructing the West Bank separation wall in 2000. The International Court of Justice says the wall is illegal and should be taken down.



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