Zionist entity continues to Judaize occupied Jerusalem

[ 24/06/2011 – 07:27 PM ]

So called Hurva Synagogue built on land belonging to the Omari Mosque in Jerusalem.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Muslim-Christian bureau has warned Thursday that the Zionist entity government was relentlessly and surely Judaizing the occupied city of Jerusalem without the international community taking any action against such violation.

“Indeed it is an unprecedented Israeli action-plan to Judaize the holy city as the Israeli occupation government strives hard to distort Muslim and Christian landmarks in the city as evident with their plan to convert the Muslim landmark of Umayyad palaces into a Jewish site and to connect it with the Buraq plaza to form belt of Judaized sites around the Aqsa Mosque in clear contradiction to history and facts, ” underlined Hassan Khater, the secretary-general of the bureau in a press conference held by the bureau in this regard Thursday.

He added that the Israeli occupation government was also converting names and features of Arab and Muslim milestones to Jewish names as part of its plan to Judaize the city, which, he stressed, poses serious danger to the city’s identity.

In this regard, Khater called on the international community to swiftly take action against the Israeli plans before a real catastrophe happens in the city.

For his part, Esa Mosleh, the spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church, sent an appeal to Arab and Muslim countries to intervene immediately in order to stop the Israeli schemes in Jerusalem.

He also welcomed the role played Muslim and Christian clerics in the city to protect their holy shrines from being Judaized, highlighting that the IOA was and still is banning Christians from visiting Jerusalem to perform their religious rites outside official festivals.

Moreover, Mosleh said that the Church was engaging in fierce legal battle with the IOA to retrieve the church’s properties and real estate that had been stolen from the church through illegal means, describing such battle as “difficult” and needs the help of the Palestinian leadership, and Muslim-Christian support.


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