IOA blocks visits to prisoners after relatives refuse strip search

[ 25/06/2011 – 03:23 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) refused to allow relatives of prisoners to visit them because they refused to be strip searched at roadblocks leading to Shatta and Megiddo jails.

The mother of a prisoner said that she was detained at a roadblock along with her daughter while on their way to visit her son Yousef Abdulaziz in Shatta jail. She said that the Israeli soldiers detained them in a room and refused to allow them to proceed to the jail or even to go back to their home in Jenin because they refused strip search. They were detained for long hours before being released.

In a similar incident, Israeli soldiers detained relatives of prisoners in Megiddo at Jaba’a roadblock and tried to force women to strip for search but they refused.

Witnesses said that the women were detained until a late night hour for refusing the search and were denied visitation.


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