Israeli army stops land reclamation project in West Bank

Published today (updated) 25/06/2011 11:06

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The committee for the union of agricultural workers said Friday that the Israeli army had prevented work from taking place on land reclamation projects in the villages of Jurish and Aqraba, south of Nablus and Imreiha, west of Jenin.

Project coordinator for the union Sa’ada Abu Sheikha said in a statement that “the Israeli army seized a heavy vehicle that was working on the lands in Aqraba and detained the workers for hours who were building the retaining walls.

“They prevented them from completing their work as well as stopping work on 20 dunams of land in Jurish, near the illegal settlement of Migdalim. They also stopped work on 50 dunams of land in the village of Imreiha in Ya’bad.”

Land reclamation projects aim to improve the source of income for families which rely on agriculture and also serve to protect vulnerable land from Israeli confiscation.

The committee said that the Israeli army prevented work on the lands under the pretext that they were located in Area C and close to settlements and a connecting bypass road.

The project is carried out by the committee for the union of agricultural workers in partnership with Palestinian NGOs under the management of agricultural relief committees. It is funded by the Dutch government.

In its statement, the union appealed to international organizations to protect the Palestinians and their property from Israeli settler attacks.


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