Suspected Israeli agents try to sabotage Freedom #Flotilla2 ship’s engine

[ 25/06/2011 – 07:20 PM ]

ATHENS, (PIC)– A group suspected of being linked with the Israeli foreign intelligence agency the Mossad was reported to have tried to thwart the sailing of a Greek ship slated to join the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla II due to set sail sometime next week.

The elements tried to sabotage the ship’s engine, but a crew discovered the men while checking the equipment, Quds Press said, quoting sources from the flotilla’s organizing body, on Saturday. The sources added that the men fled the scene.

Since the incident, participants have been taking turns watching guard in anticipation of another shot at foiling the mission to deliver much needed humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

The flotilla, which will include some 15 ships and hundreds of notable passengers, has insisted on heading for the Strip despite Israel’s open threats to use military force to stop the ships short before landing at the said destination.

Meanwhile, the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, one of the largest organizers of the flotilla, has announced that the first ship to join the flotilla has departed from France.

The ship, titled “Dignity”, has left the Corsica seaport in France and is on her way to the point where the rest of the ships will take off, said ECESG member Mazen Kahil in a press statement. He added that the ship will join another French ship docked in Greece.

He also announced that technical problems on some of the ships could cause delays in the scheduled departure of next week.


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