Organizers say 26 Jews to join Gaza aid flotilla

[ 26/06/2011 – 06:03 PM ]

BRUSSELS, (PIC)– Sources from the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla II have announced that 26 Jews from Europe, Canada, and the U.S. will join the flotilla which has already begun to mobilize to the Gaza Strip to defy the Israel siege and deliver much needed aid.

They include names such as Vivienne Porzsolt, one of the founding members of Jews Against the Occupation-Sidney, said the Freedom Flotilla II coalition sources in a statement on Sunday to Quds Press.

Rami Abdo, a member of the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, said the Jewish participation as well as that of Christians and Muslims alike, proves that the flotilla’s objective is strictly humanitarian and does not pose danger to Israeli security, as claimed by the Israeli government.

The ECESG, one of the largest organizers of the flotilla, said earlier that the flotilla will include some 15 ships including those from 12 European countries, and they will carry on board dozens of high-level European politicians and hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and more than forty international media outlets giving live coverage as developments play out.

The first of the flotilla’s ships set sail to Gaza from France’s port city of Corsica on Saturday. The ship is scheduled to join a second ship docked in Athens, Greece and will meet up with the rest of the ships at another departure point sometime next week as planned.

The ECESG has called on European states whose citizens and public representatives will take part in the flotilla to provide protection against a likely Israeli attack.

Israel has repeatedly issued threats to use military force to thwart the peaceful aid flotilla. The Israeli navy attacked the first of such flotillas in May 2010 killing nine activists on board.


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