Take Action Now – #Flotilla2 -Help send off the Canadian Boat to Gaza

June 26, 2011 | Canadian Boat to Gaza

Let’s Create a Wave of Support for the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. 

Any day now, the Canadian Boat to Gaza, ‘The Tahrir’, will set sail.

The culmination of almost a year of organizing and fundraising from coast to coast, the Tahrir will be part of an international Freedom Flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to a population that suffers daily from the illegal Israeli blockade and occupation.

The international “Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human” will include 10 ships, two of which are cargo boats carrying aid such as medical supplies, while the rest are passenger ships will carry hundreds of people, among them, politicians, writers, religious faiths representatives, people of arts and culture and activists. All participants are united in the commitment to nonviolence and freedom for the people of Palestine. Many TV crews will be also on board (CNN, NBC, Al-Jazeera, CBC-Radio Canada and others) as well as journalists sent by various world media outlets, both mainstream and independent.

The flotilla movement has already made a profound impact, but Israel’s blockade of Gaza is still in place.  The Israeli military has threatened to attack the boats, preventing them from reaching Gaza on their humanitarian mission. And, shamefully, the Conservative government in Canada has called this mission “provocative”, siding with Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza. What is truly provocative is the Conservative government under Harper, and their ongoing uncritical support for Israel’s illegal activities such as abuse of human rights and the occupation of Palestine.

Where governments fail, the people step forward. That’s why we are asking you for your help at this crucial moment for the Freedom Flotilla II and the Canadian Boat to Gaza. Your help will make a difference. With you we can make sure the world is watching. This will help protect the Flotilla and will continue to bring the world’s attention to the cause of human rights of Palestine.

We are calling out for two specific things:

1. Local Actions:

As  Tahrir and the other boats of the flotilla depart towards Gaza we are calling on you to join a local action or help organize a send off event in your city or community early next week (preferably Tuesday or Wednesday).

Actions are planned in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Victoria, Halifax, and many other Canadian cities.  Follow the local activist lists for details.

2. Raise the profile of Tahrir and the flotilla:

During the voyage: help us keep the Flotilla in a high profile. You could do a gathering like a vigil or a rally, but there are other options as well:

  • A banner drop or leafleting in a high traffic area.
  • A ‘phone in’ or a ‘tweet in’, sending messages to Canadian politicians urging them to support the Freedom Flotilla and to defend the Canadian citizens taking part.
  • Coordinated tweeting, Facebook posting and blog posting. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, our twitter feed and our website to get up to date information and material that you can share through your networks.
  • A ‘flash mob’ or some other kind of creative action to draw attention to the flotilla.

There is another important way you can help as well: make a donation to help maximize our emergency response capacities once the flotilla is on the water. Visit http://www.tahrir.ca <http://tahrir.ca>  to  make your contribution today.

The Canadian Boat to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla thank you for your continued generosity and solidarity. Together, we will achieve of our goal of contributing to freedom for the people of Palestine and the end of the blockade of Gaza.


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