“Hebrew Labor” Advertised in Israeli Yellow Pages

27.06.11 – 11:46| PNN

Tel Aviv – PNN – Businesses in Dapei Zahav, Israel’s Yellow Pages,  are using the term “Avoda Ivrit” or Hebrew Labor to advertise their employment demographic.  The tactic has been described as an attempt to reduce Jewish immigrant unemployment, and is also illegal under a law passed in 1995 which states employment discrimination by nationality is illegal. Use of the old Zionist term “Avoda Ivrit” is a statement that guarantees customers will not interact with Arabs and is a clear violation of the law.


Logo of Dapei Zahav, Israel’s Yellow Pages

Classical Zionism promoted Hebrew/Jewish labor as part of its national project of refashioning Jews into workers and farmers, although the process generally came at the expense of the Arab community.

Shutafut-Sharakah, an umbrella organization has launched a campaign to stop the facilitation of this discriminatory practice. The small organization approached the Yellow Pages CEO, Nir Lampert, and requested the removal of the businesses advertising Hebrew Labor.  Shutafut-Sharakah contacted the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry’s, Koby Suwed, with a request for his participation. The organization has provided protestors a form they can fill in that can be sent directly to the Yellow Pages, with a request for removal of the ads and further comments.

In Israel, the Co-Executive director of The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality (Sikkuv) Ron Gerlitz is leading efforts against the directory. In a statement made to Haaretz Gerlitz said, “The is really a terrible thing.  The Arab citizen who sees ‘Avoda Ivrit’ what does he understand from this? They don’t want me here.”


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