#Flotilla2 | Message to American Jews: ‘Support peace, true peace’ – Video

Haitham Sabbah | June 27, 2011 | Sabbah Report


“May your village burn.” “Death to leftists.” “Slaughter the Arabs.” This is what Israelis sang on Jerusalem Day, to the horror of many including Hagit Borer, an Israeli Jewish American, born in Israel, when Jerusalem was a very different place. In her Op-Ed, she recalls her childhood and the dramatic shift that took place in 1967. She writes:

This is not my Jerusalem. The tens of thousands of jeering youths that swarmed through its streets on Jerusalem Day have taken the city from me as well. That they speak my native tongue is almost impossible for me to believe, for there is nothing about them or about the society that gave birth to them that I recognize.

She also points out that although there is overwhelming support for Israel, there are those who protest:

Let us note that some Israeli Jews do stand up and protest. There are soldiers who refuse to serve, journalists who highlight injustice, and human rights organizations, activist groups, information centers. In a sense, all of us seeking justice have been on a virtual boat to Gaza all these decades. We have been trying to break through the Israeli blockade, in its many incarnations. We wish to say to the Palestinians that, yes, there are people in Israel who know that any viable future for the Middle East must be based on a just peace – not the forced imposition spelled out by Netanyahu to Congress – or else we are all doomed. We want it known that the soldier is not the only face of Israeli Jews. There are those who say to the government of Israel, “You do not represent us.” We say to the people of the United States in general and to American Jews in particular that yes, you do have an alternative. You can support peace. A true peace.


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