Irish volunteers ready to join Gaza aid flotilla


Monday June 27 2011 |

A GROUP of Irish volunteers aboard a ship bound for Gaza is expected to meet with a ‘freedom flotilla’ of vessels tomorrow, writes Shane Hickey.

Twenty Irish people are on board the MV Saoirse, which is in the Mediterranean waiting to meet with up to 11 other vessels to travel as part of an aid convoy to the Middle East.

Among those on board the ship are rugby player Trevor Hogan and artist Felim Egan.

Last night, Jim Roche, another passenger, said they were hoping to link up with the other ships by tomorrow at an undisclosed location.

The Irish ship will be mainly carrying people, although Mr Hogan has brought some rugby equipment to hand out to children in Gaza. Some of the other ships in the flotilla will be carrying building materials. It is planned for the flotilla to reach Gaza by the end of the week.

Irish Independent


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