Shurat HaDin Claims Responsibility for Deceiving Greek Authorities

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. | June 27, 2011

A report from the crew of The Audacity of Hope, just a few hours ago, informed that the crew felt confident the Greek authorities would release their ship Tuesday.

Americans for Gaza freedom
Courtesy: NLN

(WINDSOR, N.H.) – Last Thursday, it was learned that an “anonymous” complaint regarding the sea-worthiness of the US Boat to Gaza, “The Audacity of Hope” was used by Greek authorities to halt the departure of the ship from its berth in a Greek Port. Authorities were also told that the ship was being used by “extremists” to supply aid to Hamas.

Also reported at that time was an attempt by “suspicious” persons to gather information about the vessel and its crew. Unnamed sources stated that they were offered an undisclosed sum of money to leave the ship unattended.

Members of the crew complained that the ship had been thoroughly gone through before departing the US and the experts who surveyed the ship found it was, in fact, sea-worthy. Demonstrating to authorities that the ship carried only 1000’s of letters from US citizen’s offering moral support to the people of Gaza, the crew were obviously secure in the knowledge they were offering no support for Hamas or any other perceived “terrorist” organization.

Requests to discover who had levied such complaints against the ship and its crew were unanswered by the authorities. However, it was publicized in the Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2011, that the Law group, Shurat HaDin had taken responsibility for the false complaints.

It is questionable as to why a professional legal organization would take responsibility for purposefully offering false information to the authorities of Greece. Such an admission, beyond garnering juvenile attention in the media, can only diminish any credibility the group might have now and in the future.

Prior to this unsavory incident, Shurat HaDin had attempted another media expose for reportedly being instrumental in causing a ship from France to be denied departure from its port. Whoever is their media representative, however, had apparently jumped the gun as the ship did, in fact, set sail from France and a second ship soon followed. Shurat HaDin had used threats against maritime insurers in this effort to thwart the departure.

A report from the crew of The Audacity of Hope, just a few hours ago, informed that the crew felt confident the Greek authorities would release their ship for a Tuesday departure so that they could meet up with several other ships at an undisclosed rendezvous point in the Mediterranean.

Should you wish to contact Greece, offering your astonishment that a Law group would purposefully deceive Greek authorities and request immediate release of the US boat, the following is the Twitter acct. for the PM of Greece @PrimeministerGR

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